3rd local event "Panona fest 2018"

Second Panona fest organized in the framework of the project CAMARG this year from 21st to 22nd of September gathered producers and representatives of local and regional level in order to talk about placement of small local producers’ products on the market and ways of how to support their competitiveness in an increasingly demanding market.

Participants of this event had the opportunity to see some of the examples of best practices and some successful business models that can be sustainable. Special emphasis was given to the presentation of the CAMARG project activities and a web shop platform developed under the project which is going to be called „E-ceker“ in the Slavonia and Baranja region. This web shop has a mission to link the producers of the region of Slavonia and Baranja with the local buyers but also the representatives of associations, local and regional authorities and logistic companies in order to share their experiences and point out key challenges.