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CAMARG consortium involves partners from four MED regions which are representing a spectrum of real-life cases.

They differ in several aspects which are important for achieving the project objectives. Partnership seeks to exploit a sustainable purchasing and distribution framework, promote and provide visibility to the local food producers in the MED area: Italy, Spain, France and Croatia.To reach the success along its way, project is carried out on the behalf of its lead partner Consorzio IB Innovation (Italy). Project partners are BISY srl (Italy), Confragricoltura Emilia-Romagna (Italy), Andalucia Smart City (Spain), Cluster of agro-food Innovation in Granada (Spain), Regional Development Agency of Slavonia and Baranja (Croatia), Association for Creative Development Slap (Croatia), Agrofood Regional Innovation and technology Transfer Center (France) and Regional Chamber of Agriculture OACA (France). Associated partners are Region Emilia-Romagna (Italy), Municipality of Huetor-Tajar (spain), Coop de France (France), Centre for applied life sciences Healthy Food chain Ltd (Croatia).

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